A new leak concerning the Legion expansion pack for wow cheap gold  indicated that the actual upcoming game will have a new wardrobe tabs. According to resources, the leaked images originated from the beta version from the game.


Unfortunately, the clip revealing the new feature was already removed. But based on Kotaku, which could capture screenshots in the video, the new feature can make it easier for gamers to handle their collected products.As explained through the gaming new website, the wardrobe tabs displays the gamers character alongside the actual looted items for example clothes and armour.

Through this brand new section, gamers won’t have to shop their cosmetic items within the games Void Storage space. It will also provide them with a bigger space for all the low-level items that they’ll come across within their digital journey.

However, as the website noted, the clothing tab, along using the other new options that come with the expansion load up, were first unveiled throughout the beta tests for that game. In additional words, developer Blizzard Amusement could still alter these or completely take them off from Legion.

The upcoming Expansion pack doesn’t yet have the official release date, however the studio is focusing on to debut it sometime throughout the second or third quarter of the year. It is only going to be available for that Microsoft Windows as well as OS X systems once it arrives.

Although it isn’t yet clear when it’ll launch, gamers may already begin pre-ordering Legion. Based on Ubergizmo, gamers can either obtain the standard edition, which only includes the copy from the game, for $49. 99 or buy the digital deluxe edition for $69. 99.


Because detailed in Blizzard Entertainments Fight site, the games premium edition includes various bonuses. A few of these include the Devil Hunter Helm Transmog through Diablo III, the Fel Protoss Pictures from wowgold-seller  and also the Felstalker Mount from Heroes from the Storm. coin8sdh